Non-residents other countries

Documents to attach for the basic grant

  • a copy of your ID card or passport
  • if you apply for the first time, a document stating your bank account details (RIB, “relevé d’identité bancaire”), which you may request from your bank
  • a final enrolment certificate issued by the given institution

Documents to be attached for the other grant modules

Enrolment fees

  • invoice that specifies the enrolment fees due for the current academic year/semester
  • proof of payment of the enrolment fees

Social grant

Competent offices:
Tax Office Luxembourg X, for non-residents taxpayers whose residence is in other countries then Luxembourg, Germany or France;

  • Recent household income certificate of parent(s) working in Luxembourg.
  • The income certificate is issued by the tax office competent for your place of residence and can be requested by e-mail.
  • If the income certificate indicates "not taxable by way of assessment", you must also provide:
    • Annual salary certificates, from Pension, Annuity, REVIS or Unemployment most recent.
    • For persons who are not taxable in the Grand Duchy (by virtue of domestic law or an international agreement), the annual income must be supported by documentary evidence duly established by the competent authorities.
    • Depending on your situation, other documents may be requested.

Mobility grant

  • a copy of the lease contract
  • a proof of payment of the rent
  • a copy of the mobility contract (only for the mobility semester or Erasmus+)

Documents to attach for residents of countries other than Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium or France

If you live in a country other than Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium or France, you must provide certain additional supporting documents.

Notification of financial aid from the country of residence

Notification of approval or rejection of financial aid from your country of residence for the current academic year.

Certificate stating the amount paid or not paid in family allowances by the country of residence

A recent attestation from the competent family allowance fund in your country of residence justifying the monthly amount received for the student or a "certificate of non-payment or cessation of payment" of family allowances.

Certificate of residence

A recent certificate of residence of the student issued by the commune of residence (of the legal address and not the student address).

Certificate of household composition

A certificate of household composition issued by the commune of residence giving details of all persons in the household.

Other documents that may be requested

Attestation of partnership

Certificate providing information on the results of previous academic years

  • After obtaining AideFi for four semesters in a first cycle of higher education, you must attach the results of all previous semesters (or a certificate issued by the institution) indicating the total number of ECTS validated in the programme in which you are enrolled (or other credits applicable in the country of your studies).

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