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Applying online

You can apply online with or without a LuxTrust product (Smartcard, Token, Signing-Stick) or electronic identity card (eID).

With the new mobile application you can quickly and easily add attachments to your current procedures directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Download the mobile application

Application with LuxTrust or eID

How to get a LuxTrust product?

The procedure with authentication has many advantages not available with a procedure without authentication. The procedure can be saved temporarily.

By choosing services with authentication, you will be able to:

  • pre-fill in a procedure using data held by the administrations.
  • consult your data held by the administrations and request their modification.
  • follow your file online and consult the administration's electronic messages on your personal dashboard.

Start the process with Luxtrust or eID

Application without LuxTrust or eID

Use this procedure if you do not have a LuxTrust or eID product.
Choosing to use services without authentication brings the following advantages:

  • you can carry out your procedures on your tablet or smartphone wherever and whenever you want.
  • you do not need to use the internet to access the services.

Start the process without LuxTrust or eID

Following up your online process with or without authentication

  • It is possible to send your application without having all the necessary documents beforehand. You can complete it later.
  • Check your mailbox after submitting your application! You will receive an email via MyGuichet after you have submitted your application and after any change in the status of your application (e.g. process submitted, to be completed, grant in payment, etc.). If you do not receive an email after submitting your application to an application without authentication, please check your spam box or contact the Financial Aid Department.
  • To complete your application, will send you a link by email. This link will allow you to upload the missing documents. If you no longer have the original email, you can request a new one. To do this, you will need the procedure number and the email address used for the application.
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