State financial aid - AideFi


Applications are made entirely online via MyGuichet with or without a LuxTrust product (Smartcard, Token, Signing-Stick) or an electronic identity card (eID).

You have two options:

Application with LuxTrust or eID

Application with authentification using a LuxTrust or eID product
(Smartcard, Token, Signing-Stick or eID needed.)

Application with authentification, what's that?

Application without LuxTrust or eID

Application without authentification
(if you do not have a LuxTrust or eID product.)

Application without authentification, what's that?

Respect the deadlines

An application is required for each semester!

Deadlines for the 2023-2024 academic year:

  • Winter semester: August 1. 2023 to November 30. 2023
  • Summer semester: January 2. 2024 to April 30. 2024
  • Add enrolment feesMay 2. 2024 to July 31. 2024

Non-resident students applying for the AideFi must also apply for financial aid in their country of residence (Crous, Allocations d’études, BAFöG, etc.). We advise you to apply for this aid as soon as possible!

The official response (whether positive or negative) from the competent authorities in your country of residence is required in order to obtain the AideFi from the Luxembourg State. Be careful not to miss the application deadlines for financial aid in your country of residence as well as in Luxembourg (please note that you can submit this document later provided that the initial application was submitted to the Financial Aid Department within the deadlines.)

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