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University of Luxembourg

In order to promote inclusion on its 3 campuses and to develop a respectful and barrier-free working and learning environment, the University of Luxembourg has, in accordance with the law of 27th June 2018 concerning the organisation of the University of Luxembourg, set up a Committee for Reasonable Adjustments. Students with special needs can send their request for reasonable adjustments to:

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Brevets de technicien supérieur  

Students whose normal progress in their studies is hindered or who are impeded from demonstrating the acquired knowledge and skills in assessments may submit a request for reasonable adjustments to the head of the Lycée.
A reference person appointed by the headmaster then forwards the file compiled following the request to the committee for reasonable adjustments in charge.

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Financial aid from the Luxembourg State: special measures

  1. A student with a disability, who is facing extraordinary expenses, can obtain an annual increase in financial aid of €1,000 in grant and €1,000 in student loan.
  2. A student with a disability who is hindered in the normal progress of his/her studies can obtain an extension of the duration of his/her financial aid and a postponement of the assessment of results that is scheduled after two years of undergraduate studies.

Requests for an increase, an extension or a postponement of the results check must be made in writing to the attention of the Financial Aid Service ( and will be granted on the basis of the positive opinion of the statutory commission (article 10 of the avis positif de la commission consultative prévu à l’article 10 de la loi modifiée du 24 juillet 2014 concernant l’aide financière de l’Etat pour études supérieures).

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