This information is provided solely as a guideline; only the laws published in the Official Journal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are authoritative.

The following degrees are eligible for AideFi, if they are awarded by an officially recognised higher education institution in Denmark.

Degrees eligible for AideFi

Short cycle:

  • Academy Profession degree (AK) (2 ans)

1st cycle:

  • Professional Bachelor’s degree/professionsbachelor (3-4.5 ans)
  • Bachelor’s degree (BA/BSc) (universiteit) (3 ans)

2nd cycle:

  • Candidatus degree (MA/MSc) (2 ans)

3rd cycle:

  • PhD studies

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Feel free to get in touch with the Financial aid department at the following email address:, if you have any questions or desire a written confirmation of your program's eligibility. Please note that no confirmation will be provided over the phone. Make sure to include in your message the name of the university or college, the title of the study program, and a direct link to it.

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