Study in the NL: Numerus fixus deadline 15 January 2024

Some programmes at university level only have a limited number of places. These are called "Numerus fixus" programmes or restricted-intake programmes: medicine, psychology, international business administration (IBA), etc.

  • For each year of studies, you can apply for a maximum of 2 restricted-intake programmes. This can be the same programme at 2 different educational institutions. But the rule is different for medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, and dental hygiene programmes: here you may only select 1 educational institution. For example; you can’t apply for medicine at two different universities, but you are allowed to apply for medicine and dentistry.
  • If you are selected, you must accept your place within 2 weeks via studielink. Otherwise, your place offer will be cancelled.

Here you can find a helpful step by step plan on the selection procedure. 

General application deadlines

Please note the following application deadlines:

  • 15 January for a numerus fixus programme
  • 1 May for all other study programmes.

These are general deadlines, always check the exact deadline with the institution of your choice, as it may vary per institution and study programme.

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