Lifelong learning & part-time studies

Returning to higher education

Studying and working at the same time? Distance learning, part-time, evenings or weekends ... the options are varied. Depending on your personal project, find the right formula.  No distance learning courses are organised in Luxembourg's higher education system. However, you can follow many programmes offered by foreign institutions from Luxembourg! Check the "Study, instructions" section for each country.

Value of diplomas and financial aid

Part-time courses accredited by the ministry of Research and Higher Education have the same value as those prepared full-time and entitle you to state financial aid for higher education.

Programmes and enrolments

Use our search engine to find your part-time programme in Luxembourg. Only accredited degree courses are listed. Registration periods and procedures vary from one programme to another!


Individual training leave

Training leave is a special leave allowing employees and people exercising an independent or liberal profession to take part in courses, to prepare for and take exams, to write a thesis or to perform any other work in connection with an eligible training option.


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